Thursday, September 27, 2007

Smart Board Notebook

You have a very useful program installed on your computers which can be used to draw diagrams etc. It is supposed to be used with an electronic chalk board (called a Smartboard) but you can use it to draw diagrams and pictures to help explain things. There is one in the school somewhere so I'll try and hunt it down.

So...the program is called Smartboard Notebook...and this is where you will find it.

Below is an example of the fun you can have with the smartboard tool. To post it follow these steps.
1. Open the Smartboard notebook file and create your diagram.
2. On the toolbar choose "File" then "Export" then "Image Files"
3. Chose "desktop" (or choose another file to save it and choose "JPEG" as the format.
4. Upload the JPEG file.

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